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CRB provides solutions. We do not guess to take uninformed designs that are not properly aligned with end user needs. We strive to have the highest level of stakeholder consultation to properly inform our designs. Design teams are properly selected. The In-house teams are supplemented with a network of design professionals to meet the needs of the project sponsor thereby promoting the core role of CRB referral program for professionals. The program, therefore, aims at bridging a gap in the construction industry.

The Institute CRB Design Institute was started in March, 2011 to fill the professional requirements in the design of civil engineering structures in East and Central African region. We embrace the use and application of modern software technologies to fill gaps in design integrity of the ever increasing demand for building sophisticated systems. A complete understanding of the East African design manuals coupled with sound engineering judgment and reliability concepts are central to designing systems that can perform and last for generations. We team up experienced, competent and professional designers with worldwide exposure. Our areas of specialty include; roads and highways, water resources management systems, stormwater management systems, sanitary sewer systems, buildings

Our Specialty Our specialty includes design of; Bridges, Roads and Highways, Potable Water Systems, Sanitary Sewer Systems, Storm water Management Systems, Dams, Buildings and Steel Structures.

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